Siram is an experience that began out of the realization that “wellness” was beginning to look like something instead of feel like something. Siram, meaning to water or flush out, was created to clear the noise of comparison, for all great healing begins within. 

“Me first” is the motto of Siram. Once we take care of the mind and body, we are better equipped to aid ourselves and those around us. Here you will find tips, examples, and products to help you begin your journey back to self.

Travel, luxury, and leisure are subjective things that should be approached as ways of life, and not the end result of tiring one’s self out nor reserved for those with high amounts of disposable income. For they live in both the smallest flower and the grandest hotel. From an afternoon bath to a trip across the world, I will help you open your eyes to the possibilities that have been waiting for you with open arms.

For the days when you prefer to be still, when the rest of the world says move. And the days when movement is all your body wants to do.

I invite you on this journey to everyday tranquility. Thank you for taking this ride with me. It will be well worth the trip.


Damaris Lewis