Lessons From The Butterfly

Lessons From The Butterfly

Have you ever had a day on your wellness journey that felt hard?

You knew you were on the right track, but you couldn’t see the light?

Let’s take a page out of the butterfly handbook.

Starting out as a caterpillar, this animal lives life the best way it knows how. Then one day, when they can feel that it it’s time for a change, they understand that in order to transform they must first spend time in the cocoon.

No butterfly is born without the cocoon.

If the caterpillar tried to force the cocoon, speed up it’s process, or change anything about it, it’s next stage would be incomplete.

So the next time you feel like you’re in the middle of a transformation, settle in. Remind yourself, that there’s a butterfly on the other end, and it will only appear- when the conditions are right.