Ready for the beach?

Ready for the beach?

Beach season is upon us! (That is, if you don’t live in a place that has beach season year round.)

We absolutely love going to the beach. From walking on the sand and rejuvenating our souls (and soles) to the sounds of the ocean, animals, and people all around.

Here are some tips to make your beach trips more enjoyable:

1. Pack Your Sunscreen: Yes, most resorts now offer sunscreen on hand. But who knows what’s in the brands that they get at wholesale prices. Your skin isn’t always in their best interest when you check in. Find the sunscreen that works for you and grab it in normal, and travel size to ensure a safe time in the sun.

2. Pack Less Swimsuits: Ok this may be a tough one. The truth is, nobody on the beach cares if you wear the same bathing suit more than once on a vacation. And if they do, that is their problem. Not yours. Pack less suits and wash the one you wear in the shower to maximize the space in your luggage.

3. Meditate: When we head to the spa, we spend hours listening to relaxing music. The beach is a natural soundtrack. Enjoy all of the sounds that come with a trip to the big blue ocean.

Now, you’re ready for some sun.