Put Down Your Shoulders

Put Down Your Shoulders

Have you ever caught yourself with your shoulders being up all of the time?

If that is you, we are hear to remind you to put those shoulders down.

When our shoulders are up, usually out of stress or being very alert, blood flow between those meridians is not at it’s maximum capacity.

Tight face, neck, and shoulder muscles are generally the byproduct of walking around with our shoulders up all of the time.

Too much tension will lead to a build up in lactic acid in the muscles, which can lead to a host of other issues including soar muscles, spasms, and pain.

Just think, all of those things can be prevented, if we all just relaxed a little more.

Here at SIram, is that we are in the prevention business. This site was created to not only add in relaxation to your life, but to also help you look into areas that are often times overlooked because of our busy schedules.

Today, let’s start with the shoulders, then move on to any other place where you might be holding tension, and start to release those areas.

Good blood flow is the gateway to the soul.