Clenching The Body

Clenching The Body

When was the last time you took a careful assessment of how often you used your mobile device and or computer?

If you’re like most people, chances are that you use them quite frequently.

Here’s the thing. When we tighten one part of the body, the entire body gets affected.

Clenching, holding, and scrolling on our phones all day has been proven to cause a long range of issues, but one that is not talked about enough in social settings is how tight our bodies are getting because of them.

Whether it’s straining your eyes, or your thumb, or your wrist, elbow, neck, or upper back (you get the point) our devices are doing a lot more damage than they are helping.

Each part of the body is connected. That means if your hand is tight, you are also tightening another part of the body connected to said meridian.

Our bodies were made to flow. Blood wise and energetically. Anytime we clench one part of the body we are signaling to the brain that there is an energy blockage somewhere.

Do yourself a favor and schedule in some time to put down your device.

Your body, and mind will thank you in the long run.