Brooklyn Tea

We love Tea.

We repeat.

We love tea.

Tea is packed with so many health benefits humans are still trying to figure them all out. From relaxing your body and mind (even though here we know they both go hand in hand) to helping fight of illnesses, stay hydrated, gain energy, balance hormones, and so much more, tea is a daily ritual we are happy to have.

Most recently we stumbled upon a new gem in Brooklyn New York. And we have to say, their tea sky rocketed to the top of our favorite teas list.

Owned by power couple Jamila and Alfanso, Brooklyn Tea is a perfect place to go for pure loose leaf tea.

Not only are they extremely knowledgeable about their craft (Alfanso is a Tea sommelier) the richness and taste of their teas will leave you wanting more.

Our favorites so far are the pure match, ginger, and cold killer.

Check them out here.